Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle & Sheepadoodle Puppies in Minnesota

doodle, aussiedoodle puppies, bernedoodle puppies, sheepadoodle puppies

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F1b Mini Bernedoodle

Hans is a male F1b Mini Bernedoodle. Hans has a black and white coat. He is approximately 25-45lbs. He is ready to go home now.



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doodle, aussiedoodle puppies, bernedoodle puppies, sheepadoodle puppies

Life Span

On average, Bernedoodles have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, with some living up to 18 years if they are very small. It is worth noting that smaller dogs typically live longer than larger ones.

Energy Level

Bernedoodles are known to have a moderate energy leve. As a crossbreed between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, their energy levels can vary based on individual factors and the specific traits inherited from their parents.


Bernedoodles are known to have a friendly, loyal, and intelligent personality. They are often described as affectionate and social with both humans and other pets.

Puppy Snap Shot

Puppy Price

The cost of our Bernedoodle puppies are as follows:

Bi-colors & Solids $3000
Tri-colors & Phantoms $3500

What's Included With Your Puppy

Your puppy will come home up-to-date on vaccinations, de-wormed, vet-checked and cleared as well as micro-chipped.  Each puppy comes home with a puppy packet that includes the following: Collar/leash, small bag of puppyfood, treats, toy, blanket, vet records and micro-chip registration.

How Do I Reserve A Puppy?

First, you will need to fill out our New Customer Form which can be found here. Next, you must place a $200 deposit to secure your puppy. Make Deposit. Once we receive your New Customer Form and deposit, we will be in touch.